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US Combat Veteran Discovery Scholarship
Donate to the Combat Vet Fund
In an effort to recognize and give back to our United States Combat Veterans, each month Discovery awards three combined tuition scholarships for Discovery ONE, Discovery TWO and Discovery THREE.

The Combat Veteran Scholarship applicant must:

  • Provide to Discovery written verification of combat duty in a branch of the United States military
  • Agree to complete - D One, D Two and D Three
  • Complete the registration forms for D One, D Two and D Three prior to each training
  • Agrees to pay for all travel, hotel, and meal expenses associated with attending Discovery

Scholarship Rules

The Discovery Office must receive a request for a Combat Veteran’s Scholarship and a written verification of Combat Duty at least two weeks prior to the requested training date. Any scholarship request and verification received after the deadline application date will be processed for the following month.

Combat Veteran’s Scholarships are awarded no later than two weeks before each Discovery One Training date via e-mail or phone call. These scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

If the Scholarship Recipient is a “no show” for the requested training date for D One, D Two or D Three, the recipient forfeits the entire scholarship and no future scholarship will be awarded. If the Scholarship Recipient fails to complete D One, D Two or D Three, the scholarship is forfeited and no future scholarship will be awarded.

How to Apply
  1. Go to

  2. Create a User Name and Password

  3. Complete the Discovery One Registration form

  4. Select Continue at the bottom of the Discovery One Registration form

  5. Complete the Combat Veteran Scholarship application

  6. Fax or Email a document that verifies your combat duty:
Frank Lott, Director Combat Veteran
15150 Preston Rd. Ste 300
Dallas, Texas 75248
Office: 972-699-9500 ext. 2
Fax: 972-699-9516

2012 Discovery Scholarship Application Deadlines
D ONE Training Dates Scholarship Deadline
July 12-14, 2013 July 1, 2013
August 16-18, 2013 August 2, 2013
September 6-8, 2013 August 23, 2013
October 18-20, 2013 October 4, 2013
November 8-10, 2013 October 25, 2013

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