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Discovery! Alumni Testimonials
Kathleen Myers, TX
Discovery helped me identify fears I had lived with for 55 years. It gave me the opportunity to not only deal with those fears and the skills so that I can choose to live my life freely and openly.
Terry Myers, TX
Over four years ago, I came to Discovery due to the change I saw in my wife. What Discovery gave me was freedom from the guilt I felt from the death of my friend in combat in Viet Nam. I spent years at VA trying to deal with this guilt—it was Discovery that finally helped me release it. Now I can live in peace. Today I see Discovery doing the same thing for men and women coming back from the war in the Middle East. They don’t have to live like I did for over 40 years.”
Jaime Nunez, TX
My Discovery journey opened up my eyes to the world around me and saved me from making the worst decision a human could make--the taking of my own life. Now every day my eyes are opened more and more because of the tools I was given by my Discovery family!
Vince Odorisio, TX
Discovery! has given me my life back. It has helped me change my perspective on how I see myself and others! I went from a life of depression, isolation, defeat, anger and no self worth to a life of joy, peace, compassion, enthusiasm, purpose and confidence. Over the past two years, I have seen Discovery! help free people from what holds them back from their fullest potential and provide them with a renewed hope and purpose in life.”
Giovanni Palavicini, TX
Discovery gave me the tools to learn to love myself and live a life full of passion and purpose serving others. It gave me a freedom that no amount of worldly success had or could ever fill.
Barbara Pettis, TX
Discovery has changed the lives of my family. We have more freedom today from letting go. I will always be grateful to Discovery for giving my kids an opportunity to have a better life at such a young age.
Linda Rainwater, TX
I decided to attend Discovery in January 2010 after reaching an extreme low point in my life. My marriage was failing and my depression had exhumed me due to my childhood sexual abuse by my father. The best description for my D1 experience is 20 years of counseling combined in one weekend. I have been in counseling for 15 years. I have NEVER experienced the healing and freedom that I received that weekend in January. Discovery saved my life and my marriage. I will be forever indebted to Discovery.
Amy Redmond, OK
Discovery allowed me to uncover the innate talent and passion God hid in my heart. All of us have something unique to give.
Leah Redmond, TX
The changes I saw in my friends after they went to Discovery was like a miracle. That's when I asked, "When can I go?" I fell in love with Discovery.
Erika Sigaud, TX
Discovery has taught me to move forward full speed ahead with all my hopes and dreams. Today I know there is a greater purpose in life and I have every right to be a part of it.
Ann Standley, AR
When I went to Discovery in August of 2008, it was my last chance. If Discovery didn’t help me, I had a plan to end my life that next week. Through the love and care of the people there and my new Discovery family, I found a reason to live…not only live, but live life to the fullest! If it wasn’t for Discovery, I would not be around today!
Mindy Starr, TX
I was tired and empty. Discovery gave me direction and hope and I began to smile and live again.
Summer Steinberger , TX
After struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation for years, I am finally free! Discovery helped me finally and completely let go of the past that had always haunted me and I now have hope for the future!
Craig Steinfeldt, AR
We all have our defining moments in our lives. We may remember what we were doing when 9/11 took place, when Kennedy was assassinated and when the shuttle exploded. My Discovery experience became one of those defining moments.
Steve Szczepinski, Tx
My journey began in March 2010 when I demanded to my wife Linda that we get a divorce. Linda had already attended Discovery from Jan-Mar 2010. Linda asked that I at least attend Discovery 1 prior to signing any papers. I reluctantly attended. It was such a POWERFUL experience, I attended Discovery 2 and 3 the following two months. Discovery not only saved my marriage, but it saved me. I love my beautiful wife Linda more than when we were first married.
Patricia Tobias, TX
Before Discovery, I was dead and broken inside. Discovery gave me the tools to appreciate who I really am!
Margaret Tomaszewski, TX
I highly recommend Discovery! training program for everybody who struggles with their failures. It is an excellent and significant program that helps promote my life with unexpected and new goals. Truly, Discovery! has illuminated my whole world.
Newt Watson, TX
The training at Discovery is a must for anyone who wants to live a fuller, deeper, more meaningful life.
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