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Discovery! Alumni Testimonials
Elaine Allen, TX
I can honestly say that Discovery Training has changed not only my life, but my entire family's lives. Discovery has given us many tools to handle those tough times in life and the strength to go through difficult challenges.
Toni Bryan, TX
Our marriage was saved as a result of Discovery. We were living a life as two roommates and not as two soulmates. Honor, respect and unconditional love are now a part of our marriage. We are better partners and better parents. Our sons will never be the same. Discovery helped us change our legacy!
Camilo Bustos, FL
Discovery helped me gain perspective on life and learn how to compassionately deal with myself. In three weekends, I dealt with issues that streamed to the core of me and I started to change this world I live in for the better.
Jamie Caldwell , TX
Discovery Relationship truly saved our marriage.
Daniel Christenson, TX
Discovery has enabled me to make choices to make my life better. Discovery gives you the tools that enable you to make the choices to have your life become what you want it to be.
Robyn Christenson, TX
Our marriage counselor told us the only way to save our marriage was for both of us to attend Discovery Training. She was right! Thanks to this life-changing program we are still married and happier than ever before!
Jeff Christie, TX
Discovery had a huge impact on my life. It gave me tools to no longer live in the past.
Brent Collier, TX
My journey through Discovery was without a doubt the most rewarding experience of my life. The facilitators and trainers provided me with new tools to tear down the obstacles keeping me from realizing my full potential and my dreams. I have learned to live the life I was intended to live. I was stuck, stuck in a rut in my life and now I am taking the road less traveled. Discovery is a phenomenal journey.
Diane Cunningham, TX
Discovery gave me wings. Discovery gave me courage. It helped me stand tall and believe in myself and my dream.
Monique Desai, TX
Discovery not only gave me freedom in my life, but also blessed me with lifelong friendships.
Erik Duncan, Fl
Discovery has given me the tools to create positive thoughts and emotions, thus allowing me to free myself of all that has held me back throughout life.
Erin Duran, TX
Discovery has been an instrumental part in how this family has weathered more than one storm. Not only the tools we received from Discovery, but the support from people through Discovery.
Stephanie Fitzgerald, TX
ďLife ENHANCING! I make better choices, accept consequences of my choices and I have my priorities straight. Discovery has re-energized my belief in mankind and has caused me to be kinder to others in all situations. I live from my heart, not my head. This training provides a vehicle for forgiveness (of self and others), an opportunity for healing and a greater sense of purpose. In my opinion, there is no other place on earth like Discovery. Itís the best thing I have EVER done for myself.Ē
Mary Jane Garry, TX
Discovery gave me my family back. Discovery gave us the tools we needed to heal.
Tash Gates, TX
Discovery has given me hope for a normal family life. I carried so much hurt with me that it was difficult to let my guard down and share my thoughts or feelings. I now have a wonderful relationship with my mom and sister.
Heather Gauntt-Stewart, TX
In three short months, I flew at warp speed through my discovery of who I am, where I am going and what to do when I get there. Discovery Training was my Godsend.
Robert George, TX
I was lost. I had given up on humanity. My wife had suffered an aneurysm and I thought life was over. Discovery helped me learn to love again and free myself from the chains of bitterness and depression that were draining the life from me. Discovery gave me back my life. Thank you Discovery!
Martha Gladden, TX
Iím so glad I went to Discovery. Because of Discovery, Iím free from the baggage I was carrying. Iím free to be the vessel God wants me to be. Itís never too late.
Shamir Gonzalez, TX
Discovery has been a pivotal instrument in our lives. It has helped open the door to having intimate communication and rekindle the passion in our marriage.
Donna Guerrero, TX
I came into Discovery a broken down woman who just existed. I felt I did not deserve love, happiness or the right to even live. Discovery Training taught me that I am worthy of love, joy and forgiveness. This program filled me up with hope, joy and love for myself that I had never felt in my life. Discovery will change your life. I know this because it saved mine.
Kent Hafemann, TX
Discovery is unlike anything I have ever experienced to facilitate positive change. It has profoundly enhanced my marriage, career, my relationships and my spiritual walk.
Kathy Hale, OK
I am stronger because of what I learned at Discovery. My life is richer and fuller!
Suni Hart, OK
For 50 years, I carried the terrible dark secret of what happened to me as a child. It affected everything I did and overshadowed every relationship. In Discovery, I was able to lay that burden down once and for all! I'm finally free of the pain that crippled my life. My heart is filled with utter joy!
Michael Hinesly, TX
"Discovery changed me as an individual by giving me the confidence I needed to succeed. It also gave me gifts that I never could have imagined. During my Discovery journey, my father-in-law passed away and my youngest son was born. My Discovery family was there every step of the way. Thank you, Discovery for not only difference you made in me, but for the friendships that will last a lifetime!"
Rochelle James, TX
Before our family attended the Discovery Training, we were not able to let go of our past hurts, communicate openly, or show each other love without judgment. Now we are learning these things and helping other members of our family become closer to each other and God.
Irene Katsamanis, NY
Discovery has been a miracle in my life. As a clincial psychologist who is trained in understanding different ways to help individuals live freeer lives, I can say that Discovery is healing beyond your wildest imagination. It has made me a better person and a better healer. Dr. Irene Katsamanis
Sandy King, IL
Discovery is a place of healing. Itís that simple. Through this training, I have learned my value and purpose. My husband and I have learned to love each other like never before. Our marriage was saved in this place. I am a better wife, mother, friend and person and I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination because of what I have experienced at Discovery.
Jennifer LaPrade, TX
Discovery Training helped me take an honest look at everything that was holding me back from living the life I wanted to live. It helped bring back my confidence, my passion, my drive and, most importantly, it gave me back my heart so I can love more actively and fully. I will be forever grateful to Discovery for giving me the second chance to start life again with a renewed heart.
Christine Le Blanc, TX
Discovery gave us the tools that greatly strengthened our relationship. Our love and respect for one another has grown tremendously.
Brettaigne Locandro, TX
Discovery helped me realize there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to deal with things from my past and learn to use the tools of the training to move forward. I truly believe in my heart that Discovery is a gift everyone deserves!
Kim Mayer, TX
At Discovery Training, as a couple, we learned that our companionship is to be treasured as a prized gift. We learned to encourage, rejoice and revel in each other.
Allison McNeil, TX
Life is better, richer and fuller since I went through Discovery Training. My marriage has been revitalized and in turn, we can pour more love and energy into our children, friends and extended family.
Michael McTheny, OK
Because of Discovery and my sponsor, who is my oldest friend, I have more of myself back now than I have had in many, many years. Discovery has opened my heart, my eyes, rocked me to the core and reawakened something long forgotten--hope and love for myself.
John Monckton, TX
The tools Discovery gave me have helped time and time again to lead a better life. But the bond that was created between my classmates is even more valuable. If not for the love given so freely from these beautiful, loving and caring people I'm not sure where I would be today.
Mona Moreland, TX
Discovery helped me to purge 23 years of shame, pain, guilt, anger and suffering from my heart! Instead of spending days crippled by depression, Iím living a very full life every day. My marriage is stronger, my children are happier, my relationships with friends are richer and more meaningfulÖit is a true miracle.
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