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Discovery! Other Testimonials
Therapists and Counselors
Heather Carlile, LPC Private Practice Counselor
Richardson, TX

I believe this program is making human healing, forgiveness, self-esteem, integrity and empowerment available. Discovery can boost my clients' progress through psychological depths and changes which, might otherwise require a year or more in counseling. I tested the efficacy of the training by going through it myself. I strongly recommend it to most of the individuals and couples I see in my private practice and for those who are ready to expand their quality of life.
Cathy Ibe, Physical Therapist
The Colony, TX

Discovery enabled me to be more resilient and tolerant of daily struggles and more focused on what is truly important in life. Everyone deserves the love, peace, and overall greatness of this experience!
Kristin Nunn, LPC Private Practice Counselor - Life Coach
Denton, TX

I attended Discovery in 1999 and I still count it as one of the top events in my life. This program taught me how to get freedom from my past. I am now able to use my experiences to empower others.
Carol Nati, Board Certified Psychiatrist
Ft. Worth, TX

Having been through numerous motivational courses and years of therapy myself, I entered with an open and cautious attitude. What could you offer that I had not already experienced or tried on patients myself? Well, the results are remarkable! Although I was a quiet, hesitant person entering the room, I now cannot stop shouting your praises! I left there believing that I am a beautiful, loving, caring woman. I do not ever remember spending that much time totally focused on my life. Who deserves this training? Mothers and fathers trying to raise their children in these challenging times, children who have not yet found their direction, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who are entrusted to care for others, persons with addictions, those who have come from dysfunctional families, and those who do not have joy in their hearts. If there were only one gift that I could ever give to my relatives and friends, it would be the opportunity to go through Discovery. Thank you so much! You have changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful to all of you!!!
Noel Anderson, Presbyterian Pastor
Bentonville, CA

Discovery is better than a vacation. You can easily imagine someone spending two weeks in Hawaii and returning to work with no more love of people or ministry than when he left. I found Discovery invigorating beyond my expectations. It is a shot in the arm we all dream a nice vacation would be. Yay, verily, it restoreth the soul. I was put through places I could never have walked in my own congregation. I was stretched in places I didn�t know I had places. It made me a stronger man, a more devout Christian, and I believe, a more helpful pastor. Discovery is, simply put, training for the heart. Discovery will add fire, innovation and passion to your vision. Newness of heart means newness of all things. No matter how smart you are (or think you are), Discovery has something to teach you something utterly marvelous, but you'll have to be there.
Business Leaders
James Foster, President, Hospitality First
Wichita Falls, TX

Discovery Training has changed our workplace. The employees who have completed the training are now a real team. It is showing up in all aspects of our business, even to the bottom line. Discovery is a priceless investment in people.
Bob Posey, President, Orbix Corporation
Austin, TX

Discovery broke through the walls around my heart. I learned to love starting with myself� The value of my family to me changed from a stressful obligation to the greatest joy and blessing in my life. Working is fun again, too! Everyone deserves the power of Discovery in their life.
Brian Rinke, Business Consultant
Irving, TX

My journey through Discovery is without a doubt, the most rewarding experience of my life. I no longer live in doubt of finding happiness and fulfillment because Discovery showed me that the door to that prison unlocks from the inside. I walked into the unknown with 52 strangers and walked out with 52 loving friends. My perception of joy and happiness is no longer blurred because I now experience life through my heart, which has brought everything into focus. Discovery is an incredible experience that can only be truly understood by those who have been through it. Absolutely amazing!

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